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We are proud to announce that Hillview Consulting, LLC

is combining forces with PCS, LLC to form

Chrysalis Management.


Stay tuned for the official launch of our new website in Q4 2014.  

Chrysalis Management partners with clients during key business inflection points to accelerate performance improvement.  

We provide services in four categories or pillars of service:

  1. Assessment & Planning
  2. Operational Scaling & Improvement
  3. Capital Sourcing
  4. Forensic & Legal Services 


At Hillview Consulting, we don't just envision change, we implement it.  Hillview Consulting is a Boston based consultancy specializing in Business Performance Improvement consulting.  We can help you improve the performance of your division or company in both high-growth and business turnaround environments.  Because we have experience running companies, not just consulting for them, we can help you focus on the improvement areas that impact your business where it counts, the bottom line. 
Like turnaround consultants, we understand the importance of cash flow… today.  Like performance improvement consultants, we identify solutions that are good for your company's long-term growth. 
Hire us in a consultancy role or for interim senior management positions. 
Working in concert with your team, we'll get the job done.